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Debra Vladic


About Debra

On the surface, it can seem like the human resources and finance departments aren’t a crucial aspect of a business. However, they are the lifeblood of a company and need a steady, knowledgeable professional to lead them. Debra Vladic is that HR and finance specialist and more who possesses a reputation for guiding companies well past the industry standard to levels of excellence never before reached. 

Debra graduated from Cal State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Science. Some people take simple jobs after graduating, hoping to coast along as a way to unwind after years of studying. Debra dove right into the workforce where she immediately gained a reputation for high-quality work and innovative thinking. 

Mrs. Vladic’s potential and dedication earned her the position of Senior Vice President at Mission Valley Bank, continuing her work in the finance industry. Not only did she manage and direct the HR, finance, and administrative branches of the company but frequently collaborated with outside auditors, regulators, and attorneys to ensure compliance. 

In 1991, Debra Vladic accepted a position with Kelly Micro Systems as VP of Operations and Human Resources. Up until this point, finance and HR were her main areas of expertise. This new position gave her the opportunity to expand into new areas such as operations, labor relations, training, distribution, and manufacturing. 

These new skills propelled her career onwards and upwards, making her even more of a competitive candidate for executive positions. Debra started a new job at Newport Shores Financial as the VP of Operations and, over the course of four years, changed the organization from the inside out. From implementing new procedures to solving issues for investors, Debra managed to do it all with extreme efficiency. 

An opportunity arose in 2000 for Debra Vladic to truly test her abilities. As a result, she signed on as President/CEO of Sign on the X. Over the course of 12 years, Debra created one of the largest national notary services in the United States, turned the company into a leading provider of notary services and effectively led the finance, marketing, HR, administration, and sales departments. 

After effectively making a lasting impact, Debra moved to her next opportunity, VP of Operations and Human Resources at Adcomp Services. She led her team of over 50 employees to set new standards of excellence within the company’s HR and finance departments and implemented new policies and strategies to make the entire processes run more efficiently. 

In 2016, Debra Vladic knew she needed another challenge. Her next opportunity presented itself with Evergreen Management Services. As Managing Member of the company, she gets to practice what she does best each day. Currently, Debra specialties in streamlining and improving the finance, HR, compliance, manufacturing, distribution, operations, licensing, and legal departments. 

With Debra’s innovative and creative approach to finding solutions to complex problems, there’s no doubt this company will continue to reach new levels of success under her leadership. Outside of work, Debra is heavily involved in her community. In each position she’s held, she’s made great efforts to ensure the companies continue to give back to their communities.